Manage your Drupal JS libraries with Composer

We all know the power of Composer, which is great tool for managing, both standalone and drupal-specific, PHP dependencies. With projects like you have defined installer paths which sends package to correct place - vendor, sites/modules, sites/themes, etc. Drupal structure is quite strict in that matter so, unfortunately, we can't keep flat structure (./vendor/<vendor>/<package>) as it is for most PHP projects.

DrupalCamp Northern Lights

First camp organized by @drupaliceland was a great success. I can't thank our Icelandic friends enough for setting it up and inviting all of us to the land of ice and fire.

Here are some pictures I took this weekend:

Next stop - Drupal Dev Days Sevilla. See you there!



New begining

I always wanted to become better in writing. That applies to writing in both English and Polish. I could never force myself to do something about it and that is why I decided, as a new year's resolution, to write more (or much more actually). I could probably just start my own Medium channel and post some thoughts from time to time but I'm not 100% pleased with that approach for many reasons (I could probably elaborate on that a little bit more but let's leave it for now).